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AquaFitness is especially suitable for those clients who find land based exercises difficult due to overweight or joint injuries, and for those lacking in flexibility and stamina. Aqua exercises give clients a feeling of wellness due to the buoyancy of the water, which helps them have a good range of movement. In most cases this feeling of wellness helps raise the client’s self-esteem, energy levels, and confidence. Those of us in the AquaFitness business know that Aqua exercises give people the “quick fix” they are looking for. Aqua Exercises cater for the vast population of people who just want to get results and feel good quickly.

Healthy Lifestyle Health Promotion Services

AquaFitness 1 Day Refresher Course

Full price: $198.00 (Incl GST)

CEC points: 6 

This one-day course is very suitable for fitness instructors already teaching aqua classes who just want a revision on the basic elements of the power of water, and is a follow-up to our 2 day AquaFitness training course. The course looks at intensity, deep water work endurance, flexibility, and body composition by using different movements in the water. This is NOT a “high powered bells and whistles” refresher training course. It is practical, well designed and delivered, with heaps of cue-cards and ideas to stimulate and refresh some of the standard movements. Buoyancy Belts, Noodles, Dumb Bells, Water Leg-weights, along with other equipment, including the new Water Horse, are all included in practical strength training and endurance segments. Core stability is one of the main focuses of the day with information coming from the principles of high quality, well researched programming.


To be considered for this training, an applicant must:

  • Have suitable skills and experience in leading an exercise class at a Fitness Australia Accreditation Certificate III level, with SISFFIT310A – Plan and Deliver Water Based Fitness Activities, or equivalent;
  • Complete and sign the enclosed registration form;
  • Have, or be prepared to gain, a current First Aid certificate or equivalent; and
  • Agree to ensure to abide by the administrative and safety requirements as outlined in the Aqua Fitness 1 Day Refresher Instructor Manual.


Face to Face


1 x 8 hour day which includes a practical assessment plus additional time to complete and submit a take-home open-book exam. 

AquaFitness 1 Day Refresher Course covers the following:


  • Cardiovascular Response;
  • Differing Water Conditions;
  • Deep Water Workouts;
  • Intensity of Exercise;
  • Safety Revision;
  • Overview of Teaching Skills;
  • Building More Routines for Strength and Tone;
  • Sample Lessons;
  • Interval Training;
  • Circuits Reviewed and Revised;
  • Programs for School; and
  • Programs for Sports Groups.


Attendees will be involvement in numerous active practical water sessions during the one day training and will prepare two aqua circuits for specific groups using cue-cards.


Class participants will be assessed in two ways: 

  1. Practical Assessment delivered from the pool deck with or without music;
  2. A take-home open-book exam.


Participants on the course will receive:

  • Comprehensive AquaFitness 1 Day Refresher manual;
  • A set of cue-cards;
  • AquaFitness 2 Day Course Instructor Manual (for thos who have not recieved one through previous training).

On completion of the course and successful assessment, participants receive a certificate from Healthy Lifestyle Health Promotion Services endorsed by the Australian Fitness Industry.